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Best places to study photography

If you have an eye for photography and want to pursue this course, then looking for a university that specializes in photography is the next big thing on your list.

Excelling in photography would show how definitive the messages you want to portray in a single picture. Interestingly enough, once you know the foundation and principles of photography, you can make a dull object or area seem lively and aesthetic.


Before going into the effects of great photography, you have to start from the very start which is finding the best place to study and hone your photography skills!


The best universities to hone your photography skills

Vevey School of Photography is the oldest photography institution in Europe and is famous for their International Photography Award. They also offer different courses that are still part of the scope of photography such as sales and production, just to name a few.


Ryerson University, in Toronto, is the oldest and most prestigious photo school in Canada. They will also immerse you in real photography experiences through their internship. Undergraduates and graduate students are offered at least 100 photography programs.

Koln International School of Design is a photography school which focuses deeper into the art of photography that deals with the following key aspects: digital photography, object photography, photographic picture composition, and promotional photography.


The New York Institute of Photography offers nine photography courses that you can take online! It claims to be the best online photography school in the world. Since you will be studying on your own, there’s no pressure in coping with lessons since you get to study at your own pace.

Make your skills in photography speak volumes for you and touch the hearts of the people with your own creativity and perception. Sooner or later, your accomplishments will surprise you and the gratefulness in pursuing their own passion will open more doors and opportunities for you.

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