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Contemporary fine art photographers

There has always been this famous quote that states, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You might have heard it in your Arts class and it’s been resonating all around social media as well. What is beautiful about photography is it captures moments that you will never get the chance to come back to; a memory lost in the past.

An individual has different attitudes and beliefs and this can reflect on what they capture, as well. It is like a painter with their own canvas; a singer with their own composition.


What is contemporary art?

According to The J. Paul Getty Museum, contemporary art strictly means those “art made and produced by artists living today.”

Contemporary artists or photographers have been working on detaching themselves to the conventional ways of viewing art. This caused performance arts, pop arts, and more to be rampant today. These photographers usually reflect their opinions with the use of mediums that symbolizes controversial issues, thoughts, and concepts.


Like Cindy Sherman, she used her face as the primary medium for her photographs wherein she portrayed different kinds of identities that is distinct from one another. This advocates to people that you can change how you show yourself to the eyes of the public; you can be someone who you aren’t.

On the other hand, Hiroshi Sugimoto focuses on a topic that might be quite dark and sensitive to other people. It shows the conflicts that every individual has about life and death.


Last but not the least, Aleah Michele captures her photographs in such a detailed and unique way as it gives out a magical vibe from mythology or fantasy. The images are hauntingly beautiful to look at.

With the evolution of art and photography, surely, a new kind of medium made by these creative minds would scream messages that the public will soon hear and have a glimpse on.

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